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£4.25 / m

* Vinyl Colour:


This is a luxury leather look, with the real leather look grain appearance. It has the real leather feel soft and luxurious, except its easy to sew and easy to cut. It is a full 54inches wide or 137cm. It is perfect for CAR re-upholstery, interiors, seats, bean bags, cushions, chairs well you name it really the uses are endless !!!!     PLEASE NOTE: THIS HAS THE ADDED QUALITY OF BEING FLAME RETARDENT AND PERFECT FOR PUBS AND PUBLIC VENUES.     IT IS FR FURNITURE AND FURNISHING (FIRE ) (SAFETY) REGULATIONS  SCHEDULE 4 PART 1 IGNITION SOURCE 0  SCHEDULE 5 PART 1 IGNITION SOURCE 1. Should you require a sample please email us...

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